The ATHENA project is a grant-funded European Commission, 7th Framework Programme security themed research project, led by West Yorkshire Police. From December 2013, the three year projects aim is to utilise media communications and develop tools to enhance the ability of citizens and first responders in crisis situations.

West Yorkshire Police are the first ever UK police service to lead such a project of this size, scale and scope.

The public are under-utilized crisis responders, as they are often first on the scene, and vastly outnumber the emergency first responders.  In a crisis, the public are often creative and resourceful. They self-organise into voluntary groups, adapt quickly to changing circumstances and emerge as leaders and experts to perform countless life-saving actions; and they are increasingly reliant upon the use of new communications media to do it.

ATHENA’s citizen safety focus and practitioner led approach shall have positive outcome to empower citizens, keeping them safe and making them feel safer.