Objectives and Vision


ATHENA shall deliver two major outputs

  • A set of best practice guidelines for first responders and citizens for the use of new media, supporting tools and technologies in crisis situations.
  • A suite of prototype software tools to enhance the ability of first responders and citizens in their use of new media in crisis situations.

ATHENA will move beyond the state of the art in two areas:

  • Social media and crisis management: the use of social media during crisis settings by  first responders and the public.
  • Technologically exploiting social media in crisis management: the searching, acquisition, aggregation, filtering and presentation of knowledge from social media to support crisis management using smart mobile devices.

ATHENA shall help citizens during a crisis by:

  • Joining their conversations and adding an enabling voice
  • Giving them the information they ask for in a way they can understand
  • Targeting their actions, by directing them to the places they may need and away from danger
  • Identifying emergent behaviour that is beneficial to the provision of support through emergency agency resources.


  • ATHENA will provide the emergency services with new real-time intelligence from crowd-sourced information, assisting in decision making and making search and rescue more efficient.
  • ATHENA will create a fundamental and permanent shift in the way crisis situations are managed; empowering the public and helping them become a part of the crisis team.
  • ATHENA will utilise social media and smart mobile devices as part of a shared and interoperable two-way communication platform. By developing an orchestrated cycle of data, information and knowledge, ATHENA will empower both the public and emergency services with the intelligence they need in dealing with a crisis.

athena vision