Background and Aim

A network has been established in order to maintain post-project activities for the EU funded project Athena, which officially concludes on November 30, 2016. The aim of this network is to provide a foundation for continued cooperation and a forum for discussion. The implementation of any future efforts will be dependent upon the availability of human and financial resources.

Means for supporting this network

  1. Promoting the Athena system and its products in professional networks and dissemination activities.
  2. Maintaining regular contact with the involved parties in order to facilitate discussions on development, ongoing efforts, public awareness, and future cooperation.
  3. Sharing information about events of common interest and relevant scientific research.
  4. Considering potential areas of usage and users of the Athena system.
  5. Exploring future funding opportunities for exploitation efforts, product development, academic activities as well as educational and training activities using the Athena system.