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WP1: Project Management

D1.1 Project Management Protocols

D1.2 Quality Management Plan

D1.3 ATHENA International partnership guideline and policies

D1.4 Development and Maintenance of an ethics guideline document and website for the project

D1.5 Data Protection and Handling

WP2: Crisis Communication Requirements and Ethics

D2.1 Core user requirements report

D2.2 Service oriented design report

D2.3 Recommendations and co-design reviews of service and system elements

D2.4 Recommendations and co-design reviews of integrated service and system

D2.5 Report on ethical and legal constraints

D2.6 Report on best practice for post-hoc analysis and review of real cases

D2.7 Guidelines for best practice for User Centred Approach to development of systems and services to support the development of systems and services.

D2.8 A report on the legal and ethical framework of the research issue, and system development.

D2.9 A report on user identified ethical issues

WP3: Human Factors and Best Practices: Crisis Sense Making and Communication

D3.1 Human factors input to design specification/ergonomics document

D3.2 Set of modular contemporary case studies linked to usage cases with comparative analysis

D3.3 Content analysis report on emergent social media doctrine for crisis organizations

D3.4 Integrative evaluation report

D3.5 Human factors evaluation of use cases and exercises

WP4: Social Media and Crisis Information Processing

D4.1 Social Media scanning/crowd sourcing tools

D4.2 Aggregation and analysis tools

D4.3 Integration with the decentralized intelligence processing framework

WP5: Mobile Application Development for Crisis Management

D5.1 Mobile Crisis Map

D5.2 Crowd CCTV

D5.3 Life Support System

D5.4 Mobile Information Send/Receive Tools

WP6: Command and Control Centre Intelligence Dashboard

D6.1 CCCID Requirements Analysis and Architecture Report

D6.2 CCCID Crisis Map

D6.3 Social Media Content Management Tool

D6.4 Mobile Communication Tool

D6.5 Crisis Summary and Query Tool

WP7: Integration and ATHENA Cloud

D7.1 Decentralized intelligence processing framework

D7.2 Security mechanisms

D7.3 Interfaces, integrated system

D7.4 Cloud environment

D7.5 Crisis Management Language and Tools

WP8: Evaluation, Validation and Live Exercises

D8.1 ATHENA Test Plan

D8.2 Implementation of the Test Plan

D8.3 Evaluation and validation of the prototype against WP2 requirements

WP9: Dissemination, Exploitation and Public Awareness

D9.1 Dissemination Plan

D9.2 ATHENA Website and Community Social Network Forum

D9.3 Targeted quarterly e-newsletter publications

D9.4 Exploitation Plan

D9.5 Targeted attendance at seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences

D9.6 Targeted publication of papers and articles in professional, policy and academic journals

D9.7 Public Awareness Plan

D9.8 ATHENA Published Volume