WP2 – Crisis Communication Requirements and Ethics

Work Package Description

The objective of the WP2 is to gather the high level requirements for the underlying system and to design the framework of this system to satisfying the user (both individual and organizational) needs for reliable information in crisis situations, while at the same time respecting the legal and ethical issues on both national and international levels.

List of Deliverables

D2.1 Core user requirements report

D2.2 Service oriented design report

D2.3 Recommendations and co-design reviews of service and system elements

D2.4 Recommendations and co-design reviews of integrated service and system

D2.5 Report on ethical and legal constraints

D2.6 Report on best practice for post-hoc analysis and review of real cases

D2.7 Guidelines for best practice for User Centred Approach to development of systems and services to support the development of systems and services

D2.8 A report on the legal and ethical framework of the research issue, and system development

D2.9 A report on user identified ethical issues


  • West Yorkshire Police (11 PM)
  • International Organization for Migration (7 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (5 PM)
  • Fraunhofer (FKIE) – Lead Beneficiary (4 PM)
  • SAS (3 PM)
  • Municipality of Ljubljana (9 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (1 PM)
  •  University of Virginia (3 PM)
  • Swedish National Defence College (1 PM)
  • EPAM Systems (3 PM)
  • Izmir (9 PM)
  • Research in Motion (5 PM)
  • Epidemico (1 PM)