WP3 – Human Factors and Best Practices: Crisis Sense Making and Communication

Work Package Description

The goals of this work package are to

  • identify and explore human factors fundamental to effective sense making and communication in crisis
  • examine individual, group, organizational, and network characteristics salient to system design
  • capture recent experience and evaluate emergent practices through content analysis of organizational┬ádoctrine and comparative case studies
  • To develop best practice guidelines to inform system development

List of Deliverables

D3.1 Human factors input to design specification/ergonomics document

D3.2 Set of modular contemporary case studies linked to usage cases with comparative analysis

D3.3 Content analysis report on emergent social media doctrine for crisis organizations

D3.4 Integrative evaluation report

D3.5 Human factors evaluation of use cases and exercises


  • West Yorkshire Police (1 PM)
  • International Organization for Migration (3 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Lead Beneficiary (12 PM)
  • Fraunhofer (FKIE) (3 PM)
  • SAS (7 PM)
  • University of Virginia (5 PM)
  • Swedish National Defence College (8 PM)
  • Research in Motion (3 PM)
  • Epidemico (1 PM)