WP4 – Social Media and Crisis Information Processing

Work Package Description

The aims of this work package are:

  • To be able to source crisis information from social media and mobile  devices
  • To be able to automatically assess information/information sources for credibility and maliciousness.
  • To process this information to obtain the required information for the Command and Control Centre Intelligence Dashboard, the mobile Crisis App and for dissemination back to social media

List of Deliverables

D4.1 Social Media scanning/crowd sourcing tools

D4.2 Aggregation and analysis tools

D4.3 Integration with the decentralized intelligence processing framework


  • West Yorkshire Police (2 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University  –  Lead Beneficiary (20 PM)
  • Fraunhofer (3 PM)
  • SAS (17 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (8 PM)