WP5 – Mobile Application Development for Crisis Management

Work Package Description

The aims of this work package are:

  • Encourage and enable the public to participate in crisis communications that contribute to the security of citizens.
  • Develop a website and application, optimized for mobile devices, that allows users of smart phones and mobile devices to report observations, opinions and offers of help/services (via text, audio and video) and receive information during a crisis.
  • Enhance the public’s situational awareness by making crowd-sourced information (e.g. the crisis map, alerts, and headlines) available to the public.
  • Provide a new means of communication for search and rescue that enables emergency messaging when land lines and cell communications are disabled.

List of Deliverables

D5.1 Mobile Crisis Map

D5.2 Crowd CCTV

D5.3 Life Support System

D5.4 Mobile Information Send/Receive Tools


  • West Yorkshire Police (3 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (16 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (3 PM)
  • EPAM Systems (4 PM)
  • Research in Motion (16 PM)
  • Epidemico – Lead Beneficiary (14 PM)