WP6 – Command and Control Centre Intelligence Dashboard

Work Package Description

The aims of this work package are:

  • To supply Command and Control with actionable information concerning the unfolding crisis using an intelligence dashboard version of the crisis map visualisations, including “ATHENA Citizen Reporter System”.
  • To provide crisis summary information and an ability to query crisis information.
  • To provide direct communications with tactical first responders and the public (particularly for search and rescue actions).
  • To provide a content management system to maintain and monitor the dedicated crisis social media entities, crisis headlines and crisis alerts.

List of Deliverables

D6.1 CCCID Requirements Analysis and Architecture Report

D6.2 CCCID Crisis Map

D6.3 Social Media Content Management Tool

D6.4 Mobile Communication Tool

D6.5 Crisis Summary and Query Tool


  • West Yorkshire Police (4 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Lead Beneficiary (26 PM)
  • Fraunhofer (3 PM)
  • SAS (18 PM)
  • Municipality of Ljubljana (2 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (5 PM)
  • EPAM Systems (3 PM)
  • Izmir (3 PM)
  • Research in Motion (4 PM)
  • Epidemico (2 PM)