WP8 – Evaluation, Validation and Live Exercises

Work Package Description

The creation of a methodological framework and definition of the requirements will provide the common structure and basic foundation for two test beds and ensure that the results of the two test beds can be analysed in a coherent way so that synergies between them can be achieved and maintained. The basic purposes of the test beds are to serve as testing grounds. Here the common strengths and/or areas for further development will be identified. Objectives of the WP are:

  • To holistically evaluate the proposals work against the agreed description of work.
  • To design and deliver two exercises at key intervals to allow the consortium to test and validate the work undertaken in the project by way examining the effectiveness of the solution in two test exercises.

Feedback from the first exercise, ‘Prototype Testing Exercise’, shall be used to validate the work and allow for further technical enhancements of the solution thereby ensuring its fitness for purpose. A second and final test, the ‘Live Play Exercise’, will challenge system in a more robust environment during a multi-faceted crisis. In both cases end-users will have the opportunity to not only test the solution but also to actively feedback suggestions for further developments.

List of Deliverables

D8.1 ATHENA Test Plan

D8.2 Implementation of the Test Plan

D8.3 Evaluation and validation of the prototype against WP2 requirements 


  • West Yorkshire Police – Lead Beneficiary (18 PM)
  • International Organization for Migration (4 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (4 PM)
  • Municipality of Ljubljana (6 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (3 PM)
  • University of Virginia (3 PM)
  • Swedish National Defence College (7 PM)
  • Izmir (5 PM)
  • Research in Motion (5 PM)