WP9 – Dissemination, Exploitation and Public Awareness

Work Package Description

The objective of WP9 is to ensure ATHENA activity is effectively communicated and exploited during and after the project concludes. This key activity will be multi faceted with distinct focus placed on raising maximum awareness and acceptance of the work by both the public and other stakeholders – academia, industry and end-users including city emergency planners, first responder agencies and law enforcement officers.  The ATHENA dissemination, exploitation and public awareness strategies begin at the very commencement of the project being an integral part of the programmes progress and spanning the entire duration of the projects life. This approach shall ensure that a continuous stream of communication and engagement opportunities reach out to target audiences who have the ability to integrate ATHENA contributions into their existing and future working practices, policies and procedures.

List of Deliverables

D9.1 Dissemination Plan

D9.2 ATHENA Website and Community Social Network Forum

D9.3 Targeted quarterly e-newsletter publications

D9.4 Exploitation Plan

D9.5 Targeted attendance at seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences

D9.6 Targeted publication of papers and articles in professional, policy and academic journals

D9.7 Public Awareness Plan

D9.8 ATHENA Published Volume


  • West Yorkshire Police (8 PM)
  • International Organization for Migration (2 PM)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (6 PM)
  • Fraunhofer (1 PM)
  • SAS (1 PM)
  • Municipality of Ljubljana (2 PM)
  • Thales Netherlands (2 PM)
  • University of Virginia (6 PM)
  • Swedish National Defence College – Lead Beneficiary (6 PM)
  • EPAM Systems (1 PM)
  • Izmir (2 PM)
  • Research in Motion (3 PM)
  • Epidemico (2 PM)